At PRPL, we host weekly “Townhall” meetings to communicate the latest news and have open forum discussion with our employees. We hope you attend to hear about PRPL’s new projects, clients, policies, benefits programs, special events, and other important information. Attendance to Townhall is completely optional and voluntary, however we encourage all employees to attend as often as possible. Any important company announcements discussed during Townhall relating to policies, procedures, office operations, or other critical announcements will also be distributed to all employees via written notification such as email and/or recaps available to all.

Criminal Charges & Convictions

If you are arrested, charged, and/or convicted of a crime, you are required to immediately report it to the Leadership Team (within 24 hours) and provide information on the details of the matter, including any requested documentation. While these are not a bar to continued employment, we will review all pertinent information to determine whether you will be subject to discipline, up to and including termination. Please be advised that if you fail to report an arrest, charge, or conviction, you will be subject to discipline, up to and including termination.

Automobile Accident

If an employee is involved in an automobile accident while on Company business (personal or Company car) the employee must report the accident to the Leadership Team immediately. The employee is required to obtain a police report and police investigation at the scene of the accident. The employee may be required to submit to a drug test immediately following an accident. The Operations Manager will give the employee instructions to comply with this requirement as soon as reasonably feasible.

Employees are prohibited from driving a personal vehicle for Company business unless otherwise authorized to do so by the Leadership Team. If an employee’s job requires the operation of their personal vehicle, the employee shall be required to submit proof of a current and valid state driver’s license. The employee must also submit a photocopy of the cover page of an insurance policy covering that vehicle as proof of insurance. Insurance must be maintained and remain current as a term and condition of continuing employment for that particular position.


If you are a regular full-time employee, PRPL offers you the option of a monthly stipend to be used towards parking in the garage below our office, or free access to a nearby parking lot (walking will be involved). If you elect the stipend, you must submit your parking receipts each month to maintain your eligibility. The stipend amount is subject to change at any time. For more information, please talk to the Operations Manager.

All parking is at the employee’s own risk, and the Company is not responsible for any personal losses while on Company premises. It is recommended that employees lock their car and take other appropriate action to safeguard personal items and personal wellbeing.

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