Welcome to PRPL!

Whether you’re studying these materials on your first day (good start!) or browsing through for reference, we’re happy that you’re here, and that you care that much.

In this handbook, you’ll find guidelines for your employment at PRPL, from Attendance to Work Remote Wednesday (yep, it’s a thing) and everything in between. There’s no test at the end, but we do expect you to read and take these guidelines seriously.

Have questions? Please feel free to consult the Leadership team.

PRPL is not your typical workplace. There are no cubicles or breakrooms. We hang out outside of work. Jeans and tees are our preferred “uniform.” We enjoy ping pong, happy hour, and hilarious GIFs. So just be yourself, have some fun, and you’ll fit right in.

We know that it takes people like you to make our vision a reality. Creativity, humor, and hustle are valued commodities, and together, we continue to do great work for our clients.

Work isn’t work when you love what you do.

I dub thee: Purple.

Bobby Jones (Founder, CEO) & the PRPL Fam

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