Employment Separation

Employment Separation


If you decide to resign, we hope that you come speak to the Leadership Team before so doing to see if there is anything we can do to help. If you still decide to resign, employees are requested to provide a minimum of two (2) weeks written notice of their intent to resign. If you are part of the Leadership Team, Manager, or Senior Staff member, we ask that you provide a minimum of four (4) weeks written notice. Your written notice should be given to the Leadership Team, and include the effective date of your resignation and reasons for so doing. PRPL reserves the right to make your resignation date on any date it deems appropriate. An exit interview may be requested. Once you have submitted your notice of resignation, you may not utilize any vacation time. Please note that to be considered for re-hire, you must leave PRPL in good standing.


All employment with the Company is “at will” employment. This means that an employee has not been hired for a specified duration, but that an employee can terminate their employment or the Company can terminate their employment at any time, with or without cause, and with or without prior notice. Upon separation of employment, the employee is to remove any personal possessions on the premises.

Return of Company Property

Any Company property issued to employees, such as computer equipment, keys, tools, parking passes or Company credit cards, must be returned to the Company at the time of termination. Employees will be responsible for any lost or damaged items not returned within three (3) business days. Items that are not returned or are returned damaged at termination will result in deduction of the cost or value of the item(s) from the employee’s final paycheck. If the cost to replace any lost or stolen equipment is greater than the amount of the employee’s final paycheck, PRPL reserves the right to recover these expenses from the employee through any legal avenue as permissible by law.

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