Introductory Period

When you begin your employment with PRPL, we want you to take the opportunity to get to know us and make sure you are comfortable working here. Your first ninety (90) days of employment at PRPL are considered an Introductory Period. Leadership and your fellow employees will work closely to help you understand the processes and requirements of the position. Employees are highly encouraged to ask questions and clarify any areas of concern throughout this process.

At the end of the introductory period, your Department Director will discuss your job performance with you at a 90-Day Review. During the course of the discussion, you are encouraged to communicate your progress as well. We hope that you successfully complete your introductory period. Once you do, you will be well on your way to a productive working relationship with PRPL. However, please be aware that this completion does not guarantee your continued employment with PRPL.

Employment Classifications

PRPL has established the following Employee Classifications for compensation and benefit purposes only. Please note, employees will likely fall into two of the categories listed below, describing their compensation structure and benefits eligibility.

Human Resources will inform all employees of their individual classification, status, and responsibilities at the time of hire, rehire, promotion, or at any time a change in status occurs.

At-will notice

Employees are not hired for any definite or specified period of time even though wages are paid regularly. Accordingly, either employees or PRPL can terminate the employment relationship at any time at will, with or without cause, and with or without prior notice.

There have been no implied or verbal agreements or promises. There is no implied employment contract created by this Handbook or any other PRPL document or written or verbal statement or policy.

Nothing in this Handbook or in any document or statement and nothing implied from any conduct shall limit the Company’s or employee’s right to terminate employment at-will. Only the CEO or his designee is authorized to modify the Company’s at-will employment policy or enter  into any agreement contrary to this policy. Any such modification must be signed and in writing by the employee and the CEO or his designee.

Pre-employment screenings

The Company will conduct pre-employment screenings on all candidates provided contingent offers of employment, which may include but will not be limited to, a drug, criminal / background, employment, and education check. Additional screenings, including but not limited to credit checks, may be performed for necessary positions.

Third-party services may be hired to perform these checks. PRPL conducts these in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and will provide a summary of an employee’s rights at the time the authorization paperwork is completed.

Employee References

The Company has strict provisions regarding information provided to people outside the Company for current and former employees. Information is restricted to the employment dates and positions held in the Company for that person. This is done to protect PRPL and its employees. This information will only be released by the Human Resource department or other authorized management.

Job Assignments

Usually, your job duties will remain consistent. However, employees may be assigned duties or responsibilities outside of their job description and employment particulars based on the Company’s needs. If / when this occurs, we expect your cooperation and appreciate your flexibility so that we can best serve the needs of our business and, more importantly, our clients.

Conflicting Employee Referrals

Any referral’s potential for creating a conflict of interest will be taken into consideration by the Company.

Personnel Records

The Company maintains various employment files in accordance with all applicable state and federal law. Examples of these files include personnel files, attendance files, I-9 files and files for medical purposes. Employees are required to notify Human Resources within five (5) business days of changes relating to personal information contained within their employment file.

All employment files have restricted access. Employees and management, or its designated agents, may have access. In the event an employee wishes to review their personnel file, the employee must provide a written request to the appropriate manager. The written request will become a permanent part of the employment file. If the request is granted, access will be provided to the employee under the supervision of Human Resources. Personnel files are property of the Company, and originals may not be removed from the Human Resources department.

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