Pay Periods

PRPL’s formal workweek will begin at 12:00 a.m. Sunday and end at midnight the following Saturday. The designated pay period for all employees is semi-monthly (24 pay periods per year). Except as otherwise provided, if any date of paycheck distribution falls on a holiday, employees shall be paid on the preceding scheduled workday. You will be paid on the 15th and final days of the month (e.g. 30th, 31st, etc). Please speak to the Finance Manager if you wish to elect to participate in direct deposit. If you do not, you will receive a physical paycheck.

It is the Company’s policy to comply with the FLSA. If an error has occurred with respect to pay rate, hours worked, or incorrect allocation of time, the employee is responsible for notifying the Finance Manager regarding any error immediately. Every effort is made to avoid errors in an employee’s paycheck including improper deductions. If an employee believes an error has been made in a paycheck or an improper deduction has been made from the paycheck, employees should report it to the Finance Manager immediately in writing. Necessary steps will be taken to research the problem and make any corrections necessary promptly.

Every report will be fully investigated and the Company will make every effort to ensure that the employee receives any pay they are entitled. The Company will not allow any form of retaliation against individuals who make good faith reports of alleged violation of this policy, or who cooperate in an investigation of such reports, even if the reports do not reveal any errors. Retaliation is unacceptable, and any form of retaliation in violation of this policy will result in disciplinary action, up to and including discharge.


Non-exempt employees will be compensated for all hours worked in excess of forty (40) hours in a workweek in accordance with applicable federal and state laws. Non-exempt employees are paid overtime at the rate of one and one-half times the regular rate of pay for all hours worked over forty (40) in a workweek. Any overtime worked must be authorized by management in advance. Failure to comply with the policy will result in discipline up to and including termination.

Employees may be required to work overtime when assigned and work demands dictate. Management will communicate expectations with each employee depending on work demands. Being a production based company, employees are asked to understand and be cooperative when overtime is required.

Performance Evaluation

PRPL recognizes the importance of continued review of performance to ensure both the employee and the Company are aware of the expectations of both parties. We want to be able to capture your strengths so that you continue to excel in them, and identify areas in which you can develop. We will endeavor to provide all new hires with a 90-Day Review to ensure satisfactory progress is being made in the new role. PRPL will endeavor to provide formal performance and career development meetings up to three (3) times annually, known as NXT Meetings. Approximately one month prior to an employee’s scheduled NXT meeting with their director, PRPL’s Human Resources system will send a digital self evaluation form which must be completed prior to the review. The Company expects that you will complete this form honestly, understanding that this process is an opportunity for continued growth. Concurrently, you will receive a peer evaluation, completed by those with whom you work closely. Leadership may deem it necessary for any employee who transfers into a new role to undergo a pre-determined period of review to ensure expectations are being met by both parties.

We believe that this process works best when both parties are open and honest. We expect that you take this process seriously, and discuss any concerns that you may have. The completed and signed evaluation forms will be placed in the personnel file. Employees will receive a copy of the performance evaluations. This evaluation process does not constitute an agreement of employment or in any way change the status of an employee from at-will.


Demotion is a reduction in responsibility usually accompanied by a reduction in pay. If and when a demotion occurs, the employee may maintain their seniority with the Company, subjected to the discretion of the Company.

Work Assignments

In addition to specific duties that may accompany an individual’s job responsibilities, each job also includes “and other assigned duties.” From time to time, employees may be required to perform duties or tasks of a fellow employee who is absent or for a position that is temporarily vacant. The employee will be compensated at their regular rate of pay while performing other assigned duties on a temporary basis.

Travel Compensation Policy

Travel time will be compensated in accordance with the FLSA regulations.

Hours Worked While Traveling

When an employee is performing their normal job duties, calling on customers, attending trade shows, working on presentations and checking and replying to emails, you will be compensated at their normal hourly rate of pay. This is exclusive of any time spent during the day for personal activities or meal breaks. Time should be recorded on their time sheet and in the time tracking system. If a non-exempt employee works in excess of forty (40) hours in a work week, actual hours worked beyond forty (40) hours in a workweek will be compensable at the Company’s standard overtime rate.

Travel & Business Expenses

PRPL will reimburse you for certain expenses incurred during the normal course of business travel including, but not limited to, airfare (for coach only), reasonable hotel rates (to be pre-approved by a member of Leadership), and meals up based on the most recent Per Diem rates defined by the Operations Manager (limited to three per day).

You must obtain itemized receipts to be reimbursed for these costs. These receipts must be provided to the Operations Manager within 5 working days of returning from a business trip, along with any excess advance money. The employee should complete an expense report for each trip attaching receipts and noting the amounts spent. The expense report will reflect any additional money owed to the employee or the excess money to be returned. Some employees will be issued a credit card from the Company to be used for travel and other business expenses. Employees that are issued credit cards will need to sign and comply with the Company credit card agreement. An employee’s Manager must approve expense reports prior to submission to the Operations Manager.

Seminars & Training Programs

Occasionally, we may require and arrange for you to attend a seminar or training program that will facilitate your professional growth and development here at PRPL. When this occurs, we will pay your regular pay, as well as the costs of the program and any related travel expenses. If you are aware of any programs that may provide you with an opportunity for development, please bring it to the attention of Leadership as far in advance as possible. You must also provide information to verify that content of the program.

If you request to attend a program that is not required by PRPL and/or is not job-related, as determined by Leadership, you must obtain prior approval from a member of Leadership before missing work time. If approved, you must take the time-off in full day increments and utilize any available vacation. If you are non-exempt, this program must occur outside of your normal working hours, and the time spent at such will be unpaid unless you utilize vacation time. You will also be responsible for all associates costs and travel expenses incurred. However, based on your length of service, PRPL will reimburse you for a portion of your expenses, up to a certain amount.

Reimbursement is based on an annual basis to full-time regular employees after two continuous years of service, according to the following schedule:

Length of Full-Time Regular Service Annual Expense Reimbursement
1 year and up to 2 years $0 + 3 extra PTO days
2 years and up to 3 years $250.00 + 3 extra PTO days
3 years and up to 4 years $750.00 + 3 extra PTO days
4 years and over $1,000.00 + 3 extra PTO days

Mileage Reimbursement

PRPL will reimburse employees at the business standard mileage rate per current year IRS requirements, for miles traveled by the employee in the employee’s car while traveling to and returning from clients, meetings, or other company business that has been pre-approved. You must complete a mileage report indicating the miles actually traveled within 5 business days of returning to the office.

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