Time Off

Time Off

PRPL believes that balance in its employees’ lives is critical to their professional success. Therefore, PRPL encourages its employees to utilize their ample vacation time. PRPL is proud to offer this vacation time to its employees as part of PRPL’s comprehensive benefits package. The sections that follow outline the policies for various forms of leave offered by the Company.


Anniversary Date: The employee’s initial start date with the Company is his / her official employment anniversary date.

Seniority / Years of Service: Seniority is the length of service commencing on the employment start date. Should an employee leave PRPL and subsequently be rehired, we will take into account only full years worked prior to leaving, based on your anniversary date, and include those whole years when computing the total years of service.

Vacation Policy: Paid vacation is provided to Regular Full-Time employees according to the following accrual schedule. If you are eligible, you will accrue one (1) vacation day (8 hours) for each full calendar month worked. This means that you work your regular schedule for the entire calendar month, without any absences or use of vacation / sick time. If your employment begins on a day other than the 1st of the month, you will be eligible to accrue vacation the next month.

On your first year anniversary, your accrual amount will increase to two (2) days per full month worked. After your first year anniversary, you may accrue a maximum of twenty-four (24) vacation days per anniversary year. Yes, that is a lot!

Carry Over: If you have any accrued vacation time remaining at the end of the anniversary year, you are permitted to “roll-over” up to five (5) vacation days into the new anniversary year. Any accrued but unearned vacation beyond five (5) vacation days at the end of the anniversary year will be forfeited. You may not waive vacation in lieu of pay under any circumstances.

Usage: Vacation must be taken in the following increments: for Exempt employees, you must take a minimum of a full day; for Non-Exempt Hourly employees, you must take a minimum of half-day (4 hours). While vacation may be earned during your introductory period, you are not permitted to use it. Normally, you may not be permitted to take more than five (5) consecutive vacation days. However the Leadership Team, in their own discretion, may make an exception to this limitation for exceptional circumstances. Every attempt will be made to accommodate individual requests; however, PRPL reserves the right to approve or deny specific vacation requests based on business necessities. We prefer that no two (2) employees in the same department or project team take extended vacation (five days) at the same time; however, should this situation arise, each employee must receive approval by the Leadership Team in advance.

Holiday Blackout: Given the nature of our business, vacation days may not be used between December 1st and January 2nd. Only a member of the Leadership Team may make an exception to this restriction, depending on work volume.

Pay: Good news, your vacation is paid! If you are an Exempt Employee, your salary will be unaffected. If you are a full-time Non-Exempt Hourly Employee, you will be paid eight (8) hours at your regular hourly rate. If you are a Part-Time regular Employee, you will be paid four (4) hours at your regular hourly rate.

Scheduling: If you wish to request days off, you must submit your request in PRPL’s online Human Resources System at least two (2) weeks in advance. Should you fail to request your vacation within these respected timeframes, your request will be denied, absent extraordinary circumstances. If you must still take the request days off, they will be unpaid.

Recording Vacation: All employees are responsible for making sure vacation time is documented correctly via PRPL’s online Human Resources System. Failure to properly record vacation time may result in discipline up to and including termination.

Unused Time Upon Termination: Under no circumstance is accrued but unused vacation paid out when an employee leaves the company, for any reason.

Sick Time

Full-time regular employees are given three (3) days (24 total hours) of Paid Time Off per calendar year to cover for illness, medical appointments, or for other similar reasons. This time is prorated for newly hired employees.

Amount of Sick Time: Upon hire, you will be given sick time that you may use following the successful completion of your Introductory Period. The amount of sick time is based on the time of year in which you joined us. For example, if you are hired into a full-time regular position between January 1 and May 31, you will receive three (3) sick days. If you are hired into a full- time regular position between June 1 and September 31, you will receive two (2) sick days. If you are hired into a full-time regular position between October 1 and December 31, you will receive one (1) sick day.

After January 1, following your date of hire and successful completion of your introductory period, you will receive three (3) days of sick time to use during that calendar year and each calendar year thereafter.

Carry-Over: Any unused sick time at the end of a calendar year is forfeited. Sick time may not be waived in lieu of pay under any circumstances.

Use of Sick Time: Sick time must be taken in minimum full-day increments (8 hours) for Exempt employees and in a minimum half-day increments (4 hours) for Hourly employees.

Requesting Sick Time: For an unplanned absence due to illness, you must follow the procedure set forth in the Attendance section of this handbook.

Recording Vacation:All employees are responsible for making sick time is documented correctly via PRPL’s online Human Resources Portal.

Pay: Pay for sick time is calculated the same as Holiday pay.

Unused Time Upon Termination: Under no circumstance is accrued but unused sick paid out when an employee leaves the Company, for any reason.


The Company provides Paid Holiday Time for all full- and part-time employees. The following are recognized holidays that the Company observes:

If you are an Exempt employee, you will receive your normal salary as if you had worked the Holiday. If you are Non-exempt full-time employee, you will receive your hourly rate multiplied by your regularly scheduled hours, not to exceed 8 hours. If you are a non-exempt part-time employee, you will receive your current hourly rate multiplied by your regularly scheduled hours, not to exceed 4 hours.

If a recognized holiday falls on a Saturday, the Company may close on Friday for the observance of the holiday; likewise, if the holiday falls on a Sunday, it may be observed on the following Monday.

Based on business needs, some employees may be asked to work on one of the recognized holidays. If this happens, we will make every effort to notify you in advance. If you are asked to work on a holiday, you are permitted to take another day off within 30 days of that holiday, upon approval of your Department Director.

Jury Duty Policy

The Company encourages its employees to engage in their civic duties through jury service. In the event that you are called to serve on a jury, the Company will require that you utilize vacation time, subject to the scheduling provisions above..

Bereavement Leave

In the unfortunate event of death in your immediate family, please notify your Department Director or a member of Leadership. Should you need any time for bereavement leave, you will use your vacation time, subject to the scheduling provisions above.

Military Leave

An employee who is a member of the reserve corps of the armed forces of the United States or of the National Guard or the Naval Militia will be granted temporary leave of absence without pay while engaged in military duty as required by federal and state law. A letter from the commanding officer is required to establish the dates of duty.

Lactation / Breastfeeding

For up to one (1) year after a child’s birth, any employee who is breastfeeding her child will be provided reasonable break times as needed to express breast milk for her baby. PRPL has a designated room for this purpose. Nursing mothers wishing to express breast milk may contact the Human Resources department to request / reserve the room. Employees who work off-site or in other locations will be accommodated with a private area as necessary. For non-exempt employees, breaks of more than 20 minutes in length will be unpaid, and the employee should indicate this break period on her time record.

Personal Leave of Absence

A full-time regular employee, who has completed at least one (1) year of service, may request a personal leave of absence without pay. Any personal leave of absence should be requested through a member of Leadership, and each occurrence, as well as duration of the leave, will be handled on a case- by-case basis. Generally, approvals are based on your needs, length of service, and Company demands. If the need for leave is foreseeable, please give us at least two (2) weeks’ notice. You may be required to provide supporting documentation before you are approved for a personal leave of absence. Upon your return to work, you may be required to submit verification of your eligibility to return to work from your medial provider, along with any job-related limitations you may have.

In the event that you are approved for a personal leave of absence, you will be required to use any accrued but unused vacation and sick time. You will also not be eligible for holiday pay.

Any employee who takes a leave of absence will be responsible for the employee-share premium payments of any insurance plans of which they are enrolled. The premium payment must be made for the full month of the absence, and must be paid no later than the first paycheck date of the month. If an employee does not receive wages during the leave of absence period, the employee will be required to make the premium payment directly to the Company. Failure to make a premium payment in a timely manner will result in a lapse in coverage. If an employee is on disability during the leave of absence period, the company may be required to report earned wages to the insurance company for compliance purposes.

PRPL reserves the right to deny any personal leave of absence request, except where the leave is protected by federal or state law.

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